"There's no doubt about it: I was facing a risky move into a new career, with the very real prospect of not being able to pay my bills at the end of the month. I was scared to death.

Laila's strength is her ability to listen on the deepest level. She heard the deep desires and ambitions that I could only half articulate.

What's most amazing to me is how closely the events of the past year have followed the plan Laila and I worked out together (it's funny how useful having a plan is, in getting where you want to go).

Doors are opening up every day with new opportunities and challenges. I am moving steadily down the path towards the career I dreamed of. All the elements of my workplace — the collaboration, the supportive atmosphere, and the financial rewards — have materialized beyond my wildest expectations.

I encourage you to call Laila if you're looking to make a career change. It's one of the best investments I ever made."

"The rendering and animation projects continue to roll in! It's exactly the kind of work I want, and the variety is stimulating (architects, lawyers, boat designers). This is what I was looking for. Actually, it is exhilarating! I have a lot to learn, but I am not intimidated by that. I have never been more optimistic about my future. With that said, I owe a lot to you for seeing me through all of my options, and coming to what I truly want as my life's work."

"Just wanted you to know I met with my manager at (a major telecommunications company) on Wednesday. He took a look at the resume and said "I'll make a job for you." It doesn't get any better in corporate America!"

"I feel I've made huge steps in last 2 years. It's not like it's any one area of my life. It's a shift in many different areas of my life and believing that I can have a life of joy and abundance. I embrace life more. It's amazing. It's great to look back and see where I was and where I am now.

You've helped me recognize all my strengths and skills. Things have opened up at work, including my recent promotion. My last evaluation at work was one of the best I have ever received. I had some sort of Warrior Woman come out in my life.

At the end of a session with you, I feel like running a marathon! It's very hard to put into words. I'd love for you to be my Muse in life because you make me feel so good about myself. Will you marry me? You're just so insightful, intuitive, inspiring about things I don't recognize in my life.

Laila, you rock!"

"Laila, I just accepted my first position as a tour leader through Asia! I leave in February on an 18-month contract, leading cultural tours of Vietnam and surrounding countries. I am very excited…"   More

"Without Laila's compassionate guidance and loving humor, I never would have gotten the best job I've ever had! The pay and benefits are terrific… and I have true inner satisfaction! And, she REALLY helped me with preparing for my interviews. She knew exactly what I'd be asked, and the best ways to answer. I felt prepared and calm. The interviews went great!"   More

"Laila is a fantastic coach! I am so grateful for all of the encouraging, intelligent, sensitive coaching she has given me over the years… It's not just about making more money or getting a higher level position, it's about whether your career reflects your talents, interests and purpose in life. If that's the kind of help you want, then you can't go wrong with Laila."   More

"…What I loved about Laila's approach to career counseling is that it was much more holistic (and spiritually-based, for those who are so inclined) than traditional career counselors and about exploring what work would truly be most fulfilling…

…My work with her was immeasurably invaluable. Laila has an infectious enthusiasm and spirit and her work is nothing less than groundbreaking and vital to our precious spirits. I think she is the ultimate wonderful combination of career counselor and personal coach wrapped into one deeply insightful and marvelous woman. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone — and I have!"   More

"My relationship has improved. I’ve taken up drumming again after years of avoidance. And I’ve accepted as Vice President of Marketing for a growing company. These are risks I wouldn’t have taken without coaching ­ and without Laila."

"Laila, since working together I have successfully moved my business to a new location, surrounded myself with help at work, am delegating much more, begun building the foundation to take a 6-month sabbatical, sold my condo, simplified my life, and reading and writing have become a bigger slice of my life.

Work with you was forward-thinking and I appreciated the focus on the "so what" and the "now" and the "how."

I would describe you as supportive, bolstering, uplifting, and practical. I enjoyed your energy, your laugh, your honesty, and great communication.  You are powerfully on the side of your clients and that alone is a gift during a time of change.  I always looked forward to your support above all. You created a space in which I could laugh, cry, shout or whine with equal ease.

I appreciated being able to delve into some of the personal struggles along with the career-related issues because they really are all linked. I see you as a one-stop-shop life mechanic. :) "

"Laila has been guiding and supporting me on my path as an artist for over 15 years. She has helped me to recognize and accept my true calling… With her unwavering support, wisdom, business-savvy, and rock-of-Gibraltar strength, I've been able to find the courage and fortitude to move forward in my career, recording and producing two albums now, performing in venues throughout California, and embarking on the creation of a musical theatrical work."   More

"Laila, I want to thank you for all your helpful suggestions. I feel I received excellent value for a very reasonable fee. You helped turn my resume from "Blah" to "Ta Da!!" Your energy is contagious and it has given me a renewed sense of motivation and confidence. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"…I had the same job, same home, same relationships for over 10 years. I knew I needed to change something

Throughout the process I felt buoyed by her enthusiasm and the love I felt from her.

What could have been a major crisis in my life was averted with the preparations Laila guided me through … She really rolled her sleeves up and worked side-by-side with me to achieve me goals.

I really enjoy my new job and I'm looking forward to taking on management responsibilities

…My initial request for help with the resume ended up giving me a new resume, a new sense of self, and a sense of adventure... I realize now that instead of being stuck, my life is flowing!"   More

"I know Laila to be a seasoned career counselor who does more than just a good job for her clients. She honestly cares about them. She wonders after them. She gets excited for them. She genuinely wants the best for them. Lucky clients!"

"She didn't only help me redo my resume, she coached me on interviewing, negotiating, and even self-worth. I seriously believe that my new resume sold me before I even walked through the door for my second interview. Needless to say, I got the job and I know it was because of the counseling and resume expertise I got from Laila."

"Coming across Laila's business card at a local restaurant exclaiming that she counseled "with a twist" was one of the best things to happen to me during Fall of 2005… Laila not only helped me to gain focus and direction over what to do with this newfound time, but really helped me put my priorities in order. She helped me realize that my emotional and physical health are just as important as my "monetary" (a.k.a. finding-a-job) health

I am happy to say that after 2 months of working with Laila and exploring several aspects of my life, I have obtained a job that is fulfilling emotionally, financially and spiritually. Located downtown (my area of choice), making great money (more than I expected plus amazing benefits) and working with a terrific group of people (down to earth and normal personalities) were plusses to me. Because of Laila's insistence that I only pursue jobs I know I would like, I waited until this one came along and now my plusses are all realities!! Thanks Laila!"   More

"The resume that we put together has already gotten me two interviews and a third is being scheduled as I write this. All in all, the best part of this whole experience was working with you to put my professional experience into a cohesive, attractive 'package' that potential employers would find not only informative but alluring as well. P.S. I forgot to thank you for the work on my cover letter — it makes me sound like a God."

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