"Laila, because of your help, I feel more confident and at peace with my career direction.  If I hadn't worked with you, I could have pursued something I was "sort-of" interested in, and missed finding a career that is really a great fit for me.  If it weren't for your guidance in deeply and thoroughly helping me explore my career interests, I may have had to repeat the career search process over and over again.

Your open, warm and inviting personality really helped me in the process.  You listen. You're also flexible.  I felt like you were open to my way of going about things and molded the process to suit me. I didn't feel crunched into a box I didn't feel comfortable with. That was one of the most powerful things about this process for me.

I also appreciate your enthusiasm and genuine interest — indicated by your warm and bright facial expressions. Those can't be taken too lightly. You seem genuinely excited about where I'm going and that makes it more fun.

The exercises in which I listed all the responsibilities for each job I've had, what I liked and disliked, all the possible careers, all the prioritizing systems ­ that was a turning point because I discovered that I was STILL interested in working with people. That was a big realization.  Because we were so thorough I felt confident in my decision.

The preparation we did on outlining my professional experience, defining achievements, creating a resume, and preparing for interviews has been enormously helpful.  I've become more organized, concise and confident.  The two day interview process went well, and as a result, I got my first internship choice, over 16 other candidates!"

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