"I had accomplished a number of other goals in my life. I had fulfilling relationships with my spouse, family, and friends. Spiritually, emotionally, and physically, I felt strong, confident, and happy. From the outside looking in I also had had significant success in my career. But what I did everyday lacked meaning and I knew it was not what I REALLY wanted to do. But what did I REALLY want to do? I talked with friends and family, read books, wrote down different ideas, and brainstormed about where I belonged. I took a few classes in this, thought about that, but couldn’t visualize myself doing future work in those fields. I was all over the place ­ interior design, nursing, teaching, analyst, real estate, counseling, small business owner. I didn’t want to waste more precious time on thinking about what I should do ­ I wanted more clarity than what I was finding on my own. Yep, I needed professional help.

A friend had noticed a mailing of Laila’s and passed it on to me after I inquired about any career counselors that she knew. I took a chance; I called Laila and left a message. I was a little intimidated at first. Asking for help was not something I did easily. But I was frustrated with my confusion and needed to take a new approach. Laila called me back within a day or two and we had a nice long conversation. I could tell immediately that she was an astute listener. She also had a ton of experience in career coaching and counseling. She didn’t put any “hard sell” on her services and knew we needed to make sure we “clicked” first before proceeding ­ I liked that too.

Laila is very easy to talk to and patient, however don’t think that she is going to be doing all of the work! She is definitely your leader but you will be doing work of your own ­ for me I took personality tests, journaled, inquired about different occupations, ranked my life priorities, and more. Some of my "homework" assignments forced me to think about who I am and who I want to be. Laila is like your own personal trainer, whipping you into shape. She breaks things down into more easily digestible pieces. Also her philosophy is not of choosing your career in a vacuum. All of the many things that were important to me; family, friends, physical health, paying the bills, etc. were taken into consideration too. I found her to be both realistic and supportive.

My chosen career involved more schooling and a competitive admission process. It was not an easy decision to make, but for the first time I feel confident in the path I am taking. I feel so fortunate to have found Laila because I don’t think I would have come to this decision without her coaching. If I would have, it would have been more painfully frustrating and taken more time. Worse, maybe I would still be where I was, floundering and unhappy, knowing I should make a change but not having the tools or insight to be decisive.

I would recommend Laila to anyone looking to hone in on his or her career aspirations! Thanks Laila!!"

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